About Me

My name is Aajalani Patacsil. I am currently an aspiring filmmaker. I aim to make many creative works surrounding identity and culture. Although I am fairly young and new to this industry, I have many skills that I am itching to work with. I am always excited to learn and create new things. 

I have always been inspired to create. Whether it was the fine arts or simple play-doh, it has always been a calling to me. I have only recently discovered my love for film making, and man is it big. The way humans have always captured identity through art is fascinating. And film is the latest medium. I wish to be apart of that great exploration. It is only 100 years old after all. New stories and techniques are just waiting to be discovered. 

Although I don't have an impressive resume (yet), I still have the skills and experience. My first introduction to film was through a summer program at Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA). There I learned all about the process and production of film making. From pre production all the way to post. Below is a list of some of the things that I have learned from DAVA.

  • Writing and Editing scripts 
  • How to handle and operate a camera
  • How to handle and operate various forms of lighting 
  • Using various editing softwares such as Premier Pro 
  • And much more 

I hope to inspire through my works. Expanding my skills and horizons is my goal. Reach out if you are inspired by me. I am always looking for fun new projects and adventures to go on. 

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