My Works


Green Print


2nd Annual RE-Generation International Youth Film Festival

This was the first film that I made outside of an academic setting. I originally made it to be submitted in a contest, but it got rejected. However, someone on the board for the contest really liked it and wanted it in her festival. It shocked me to my core that something I made was sought out after.


It features a human trying to decide between three different products. The products try their best to convince the human to buy them. This film tackles themes about corporations tricking consumers via greenwashing.  

IB Film Student Reel


Student Films

My High school was part of the International Baccalaureate program (IB). They offer a multitude of advanced courses to develop students skills in the real world. My school offers the one year Film course. This reel features various segments from different projects for that year. This truly helped me in discovering what I wanted to make of my life. I am ever so grateful for my teacher and classmates for this experience.  

Bigfoot and the Interview


Downtown Aurora Visual Arts

This was my first step into the world of film making. Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA) is a community based program that helps kids explore art and technology while building up skills like collaboration and critical thinking. I was apart of their summer film program. This summer program was in collaboration with Community College of Aurora, which allows DAVA to use their equipment and software. 


I was very inspired by the mock-umentary genre when I was first making this. This story features a young and spunky reporter chasing down Bigfoot in an urban environment.